Month: September 2016

Band of Mothers…

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Autumn is coming. I know this because I watched leaves fall from the trees as I ran on Sunday afternoon. I know this because I watched my boys experience their first pumpkin patch. I know this because the air is getting cooler, requiring another layer of clothing most days. I love this time of year and being back in the Pacific Northwest for it has been sweet. So many beautiful colours on display with the contrast of mountains and evergreens as the backdrop, it’s stunning!

This season of year is also a busy one for our little family. Bryan is in full motion coaching which means long hours and some trips away with the team. The boys and I try to be at as many home games as we can and it’s so much fun! This past Saturday his team had a game and we went(they won which was great!) While we were there I met another young Mother who was there supporting the opposing team. As we stood on the sidelines, watching the game as well as our little boys playing together, we chatted. And I mean like serious chatting. We covered everything from potty training to how we met our husbands to the place of transition we are both currently in to our philosophies on ‘letting go’ as Moms. She was refreshing, genuine and a kindred spirit. She is part of the Band of Mothers I admire so much.

A big reason I could stand and connect with her in such a deep way was because the rest of the Band of Mothers and future Mothers stepped in to care for my boys and make sure they stayed safe, entertained and well-fed while I enjoyed making a new friend. The time they gave me with this fellow Mom felt like a gift and that’s what I took it as.

I am thankful for this ever expanding Band of Mothers. I have some who are years past where I now stand, others who are a few years ahead, some right smack in the middle with me and others who are just beginning. We have so much to share, gain and learn from each other. It is a privilege to know so many incredible Moms and feel like I can glean from them anytime I need to. Knowing this group of women are with me has helped make this transition so much easier. Do you have a Band of Mothers you turn to? Who is in your Band of Mothers? Go to them, ask them, just chat through life. I promise, you won’t regret it.

PS For those Moms who are making it through each day but could use a bit of fun and encouragement that you are not alone, check out tryingtofeedmykids. This is an Instagram page I recently started that is helping me enjoy feeding my kids a little more. Not all of us can be Nigella Lawson or Betty Crocker!


Holding onto Hope…

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In my 36 years I have experienced some difficult times. Walking through nine years of infertility falls into that category. It was painful, trying and long. Still I was one of the fortunate ones who eventually saw my dream turn to reality. I moved from hardship to blessing and now witness my own miracles on a daily basis. Kidran and Cohen are my walking hope. They remind me of God’s presence always being with me.

Today, however, I find myself holding onto hope once again. Not for myself but for a very dear family back in Northern Ireland. They have experienced what no parent should have to. This beautiful family buried their fourteen year old son today. This tragedy is not explainable or acceptable. I, nor anyone else, have anything we can offer them that will change this horrific fact. This is the reality they will wake up to each morning, that they will go to sleep with each night. The depth of this loss is beyond my comprehension.

Yet I hope.

I hope the Comforter is close. I hope they find breath to fill their collapsed lungs. I hope they feel loved and supported by those around them who are grieving with them and loved their precious boy dearly. I hope they cry as long as they need to. I hope people bring food to them the way this Mother has done for so many others. I hope that this Father finds a peace that surpasses his earthly understanding. I hope the brother and sisters that were left behind hold each other tighter than they did before. I hope for their hearts to heal.

This young man’s life touched our lives and so many others and we celebrate that life. Many of his friends are teens and young people that Bryan used to work with when he was a Youth Pastor. Being away from what still feels like our home at a time like this has been frustrating. We cannot offer our physical presence any longer but we extend our hope and our prayers. To this loving family who we have so much admiration and respect for, we extend our deepest sympathies. Our hearts are breaking with and for you. May God be close and real.