Month: October 2015

Eyes and Lips…

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Ever since our boys were born I have been obsessed with their eyes and lips. These pictures showcase why. Be still my Momma’s heart! So I thought I would share a bit of my heart for those eyes and lips.

Over the years I have talked with parents about their desires for their children. Many say that ultimately they want their children to be happy. I understand this, it’s what I want too, but happiness alone feels shallow.

A lyric from one of my favourite bands says that ‘happy is a yuppy word‘. Yep. Yuppy. Like we are all living at some resort, sipping champagne, standing around being happy. What does being happy really mean? Does it mean our kids have enough money? That they find a satisfying career? Find love? Or just feel happy?

A friend whose artwork I admire recently posted this:


(Shameless plug for this woman’s work: Brianna Daniel Showalter, check her out on Facebook or Instagram! )

When I read this quote my heart began stirring for my sons. Of course I want Kidran and Cohen to be happy, but I want so much more for them. I want them to be courageous men who stand up for what is right. I want their eyes to see injustice and fight against it. I want them to be adventurous and live life to the full. I want their lips to drip with words of grace and hope to a generation who will need it so very much. I want them to live freely. I want them to find purpose, see/harness their own potential and run after their dreams. Instead of finding happiness, I want them to find joy. Joy in all of life’s twists and turns. Joy in their highs and lows. Joy in their pain and victories.

Kidran and Cohen, I hope your souls’ journey begins with happiness but does not end there!