Month: September 2015

Communal living…well sort of.

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Since landing back in the states we have been living with other people and sometimes apart. In Montana we stayed together with Uncle Craig and Aunt Connie, in Idaho the boys and I were with my parents, in Washington we have been with the Olsen’s, the Welk’s and the Hall’s. We have jumped around a lot!

It’s a lot of work packing up all that these two little people require on a daily basis when we have made these transitions. There have been moments where I wished we were just staying in one place (especially when Bryan and I are not together). The moments don’t last very long though because I focus on the positives of this season of life and these are the reasons/blessings why:

  • While living with family and friends we have had incredible support. (I am not a super hero!)
  • Our boys have been able to spend quality time with multiple family members.
  • I have been given breaks with all the helping hands around.(Grandparents, Aunties and Uncles I applaud you!)
  • Our friends and their kids have invested in our boys so much and it is a delight to watch.
  • The friendships we made so many years ago are deepened by these prolonged stays.
  • It’s so much more fun cleaning at other peoples homes than my own.
  • I have ate proper meals (thank you to all those incredible cooks/moms/friends!)
  • My husband has ate proper meals and been looked after too by our friends.

So yes, there are things about this time of life that have been hard like not all being in the same place. But being a mom to small children is an amazing privilege no matter where I am at. It can also be mundane and tiring; just keeping it real! This is the routine: wake up, get bottles ready, change dirty nappies, breakfast, play 1 1/2 hrs, nap, lunch, play 1 1/2 hrs, nap, play for 1 1/2, dinner, change clothes, bottles, nappy change and down for bed. Repeat cycle. You get the picture. It is the most challenging and rewarding work I have ever done. This time of sharing houses with family and friends has made it even better than I thought it would! I have found time to go running, get out for coffee with friends, take the boys to the store with a friend which seems more like an outing than a task. I am the first to say I need my own space but there is something so beautiful about doing life intimately with people. You learn how to live together, love together, cry together and laugh together. I think Jesus likes this kind of living. I believe my experience of motherhood has been made much richer by this season of life. I enjoy my boys so much right now and believe me, pictures like the one above would not happen if I didn’t have my incredible husband or a a friend close by taking it.

So all of you mothers out there feeling lonely, set up a play date with a friend. Take your kids to someone else’s house for their nap and chat with your friend when they go down. This trip has taught me that our boys are so much more adaptable than I ever thought. Yet I wouldn’t have known this until I tried it a few times. We gotta stick together during these seasons. This whole journey of being a Mom and parent is way more fun when we do it together.

Jesus, you created community. Thank you for such a grand gift! For those struggling with feeling alone right now, place them within a group of people that will lift them up. For those not enjoying motherhood (it’s okay to be that honest by the way), I pray they would see the gold. It may not be visible all the time but give them glimpses of it to hold onto. Give each of my Momma friends energy, strength to say when they need help, courage to admit that they need space but more than that, give them the gift of friendship. For those women longing to be Momma’s, meet them in their place of need. Amen!