Month: August 2015

America the beautiful…

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Since becoming a parent, I measure time by the development of our boys. In less than a month our baby boys have turned into little boys. I know they are still small but they seem big to me. Each time I see them in their carseats or buggy seats they look big. Cohen is no longer crawling but crunning (the fastest type of crawling!). One of his top front teeth has come in and it looks huge. Kidran is beginning to crawl and has worked out how to use every nob and switch on many of the toys Grandma Judy had waiting for them. My head hurts when I think of all they are learning in this first year! No wonder they need so much sleep and food!!!

Before we left N. Ireland I was hesitant about how this 6 month stint would affect the boys. However, our boys have surpassed all my expectations. They are adaptable, generous towards everyone who comes in contact with them and have been extremely gracious with me. My heart has been full and overflowing so many times as I have watched them bond with our families.

In Montana they delighted all who came in contact with them and entertained us much of the time with the help of their three cousins: Ashton, Ava and Lincoln. Here in Idaho they are thriving in the consistency of one place and a bit more structure. Today for example they took a second long nap. This felt like a gift from my boys and I painted my nails and toenails during it while hanging out with many of the great women in my family. Winning!!!

Before we left N.Ireland I had the impression that this trip would be full of little surprises. So even though I was nervous I was excited. I could not have been more right. Since arriving, so many things have fallen into place thanks to family and friends. Relationships have been strengthened, memories made, opportunities embraced. America feels beautiful right now and I am thankful to be here. What will make this time even more beautiful will be reuniting with Bryan in a few weeks. Roll on September!