Month: May 2015

I dare you to move…

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Recently Bryan and I had two date nights out!! Yep, you read that right, two!! Hallelujah for great friends who love our boys and us. One of those nights was in the Big Smoke (Belfast for those of you who don’t live in NI) attending a Gungor and Switchfoot concert. Music is a big part of our lives, especially Bryan. He is always playing the guitar, singing, searching for new music or chatting about music with someone and I reap the benefit of it, thanks babe!

For years now we have been listening to Switchfoot’s music and would say they are one of our favourite, most influential bands. Lyrically they stand above so many other bands. Their music has been challenging at times when life seemed too comfortable and has equally been comforting through many of life’s challenges. As time goes by, we see their songs through a new lens. For me most recently that lens has been becoming a parent. I listen to the words differently than I used to. This was apparent to me during their concert the other night. One of Switchfoot’s more famous songs is ‘Dare you to move’. The song opens with the lines:

‘Welcome to the planet,

welcome to existence,

everybody’s watching you now,

everybody waits for you now….

I dare you to move,

I dare you to lift yourself up off the floor.’

As I listened to this song the other night I couldn’t help but see the faces of my two beautiful sons. The song almost seemed like an introduction to life: welcome to this planet boys, welcome to existence. Your Dad and I are watching you, we have been waiting for you for so long. We are delighted that your physical presence is now in our midst, forever changing our lives.

As the song goes on, it challenges us to move, to get up off the floor. Immediately I saw Cohen in my minds-eye. Cohen has been trying to crawl for awhile. Each day the boys play on their mat and we see what happens. We know if we leave the room and come back even a few seconds later Cohen will be clear across the room as he scoots himself backwards. He still hasn’t mastered the art of forward movement but he’s close. While I listened the other night I saw Cohen, persistently lifting himself up off the floor. Everyday, no matter how many times he’s tried and tried the day before, he attempts to crawl again. I know one day he will crawl and these days of trying will be a distant memory. Right now, however, I am impressed by his determined spirit that keeps pushing and trying.

Sometimes I feel like I am the one laid out on the floor. Some days it feels like a lot of effort to ‘lift myself up off the floor’ (or out of bed after being up 3 times during the night), other days it comes quite easily. Today, which is it for you? Are you struggling to get off the floor, to try again, to risk again, to attempt something great again? Or is today a day for rejoicing because it feels easy? No matter where you are, today is just one day. Tomorrow is a new day, with new possibilities and challenges. Celebrate your victories today and keep hoping for the victories in your tomorrows. Let a determined spirit rise within you, a spirit that reminds you of your own abilities and strengths. Yeah… breathe that in today; all the other stuff that tells you it’s not possible, breathe that junk out! The world is watching and waiting for you to get up off the floor, unless it’s the dance floor and you’re shattered after a night of dancing. Well then, that of course is perfectly okay!

(A note on the picture: Yes, Cohen is the cheeky one crowding Kidran out. Usually it is the other way around, Kidran is sprawled out taking up the whole cot while Cohen has a tiny corner. I think this moment was totally justified and I love the grin on Cohen’s face!!)



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People would tell me ‘Once you have kids time goes by faster’. I already thought it was going quick but they were right, the day is over before I know what it has been filled with. Watching our boys grow, change and develop a little more each day seems to be a poignant reminder of the rapid tick-tock of the clock.

Another way of making time fly is to add major trips and life decisions to the pile that force you to count days on the calendar as they rapidly approach whilst scrambling to accomplish everything by the looming deadlines.

Recently we had the privilege of visiting family and friends stateside because my very talented, and have I mentioned handsome, husband had the honour of being inducted into our university’s Sports Hall of Fame. They helped us make the trip over and it was such a gift! We had not planned on being back in the states so soon after the birth of our sons and were delighted to have this opportunity. It was wonderful seeing our families and friends meet the boys for the first time and fall in love with them just as we knew they would. Grandparents getting more chances for hugs and cuddles (nappy changes and feedings too, thank you!). Waking up, chatting, drinking too much coffee, eating meals together, simply doing a brief period of life together. If I close my eyes, I can conjure up some of the vivid moments of the trip…sitting in Aaron and Kelly’s orchard, the mass of family members crammed into our hotel the night of the ceremony, the boys sleeping in their many different make-shift beds, night feeds with my Mom’s help, the park with the Olsen’s and the list could go on. Even though getting there was difficult it was worth it!

This trip back also opened up some new doors for us. Come July we are temporarily moving back to the states for a six month period. Bryan was offered some great job offers and we decided to take them. This decision was not easy to make because we absolutely love living in the UK and have such an incredible network of extended family here that we will miss a great deal. Though the chance to live near family for another extended period of time is the biggest bonus of this decision. We are in the countdown now and the clock is ticking. There are still a lot of details to sort out but as a good friend recently reminded me, these unsure times are when we can grow in trusting God. So I am trusting…minute by minute, day by day. Please pray that we can make this transition smoothly and with no sickness. Please pray for the details to fall into place at the right time. Thank you for your prayers!!!

Now it’s time to get packing! Yee-Haw!!!!