Month: February 2015

The resistance…

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Would you look at those faces? How can I ever put either of them down? Actually, at times it feels quite easy. When they are over tired or ready for some mat time, I know it’s in their best interest to set them down. Other times it’s harder. When I am having an off day, or extra tired, I just want to cuddle them extra long and hard so I do…well in turns anyway. Then there are the times in between when I know I need to leave them be. These moments usually happen at nap time or in the middle of the night. I am future oriented which for me and our boys means that I want to sleep through the night again and I want them to as well. The other day I was bouncing them to sleep (shush, don’t tell Gina Ford or any other baby expert!) in their seats, watching them wriggle and resist, as best as they could, the inevitable nap that was coming. I can see their sleep cues long before they are aware of them. I can see the eyes getting tired, the little moaning starts and the squirming. They resist and resist, needing their dummies put back in or blanket placed in just the right way in order for the sleep to be achieved.

It made me wonder if God ever has this view of His children? How many times have I resisted and resisted His help or guidance, squirming and struggling to accept His presence or help when it comes in the form of something I don’t think I need? Then I start to think of what I need. In this season it is sleep, food, rest, extra hands. So Father, the days when those things come in whatever form please help me to stop the resistance, say thank you and accept the gifts you give. (For those other mums needing a good, easy read that hits you exactly where you are, I recommend the book Found by Micha Boyett. A friend just sent it to me. It’s the journey of a new mum finding her way back to prayer when she feels like it’s been lost forever).